What Makes Fraxel Laser Treatment More Effective?

Nov 15, 2023
What Makes Fraxel Laser Treatment More Effective?
Laser treatments can effectively rejuvenate aging skin, but most laser therapies have a prolonged recovery and healing period. Fraxel® laser therapy doesn’t. Here’s how it works to help skin look youthful and beautiful.

No matter how well you care for your skin, it shows signs of age eventually. Years of sun damage, stress, illness, weight fluctuations, hormones, and many other factors play a role in skin health and aging skin.

While it’s essential to use gentle skin products and wear sunscreen daily (yes, every day), you can’t avoid wrinkles and skin laxity by yourself. Fortunately, Fraxel® laser treatment can help.

As a top-rated medical spa in Woodland Hills, California, Prime Wellness offers state-of-the-art Fraxel laser treatment for women and men seeking to rejuvenate their skin and restore a more youthful appearance without surgery or prolonged downtime. In this post, Jeffrey Sherman, DC, NP, explains what makes Fraxel so effective in turning back the hands of time and helping skin look its youthful best.

Quick facts about Fraxel

Fraxel is a laser-based skin rejuvenation system that works “from the inside out” to help skin look and feel smooth and firm. Unlike other lasers that remove the top layer of skin, Fraxel is nonablative, leaving your skin intact for faster healing. 

Instead, Fraxel focuses on the deeper layers of skin where collagen gets produced. Collagen — one of the building blocks of youthful, healthy skin — gets less produced as we age, leading to skin laxity and wrinkles. Sun exposure also damages collagen and reduces production. 

Fraxel laser energy gently heats those deeper layers, stimulating collagen production to repair damage and restore healthy skin. An integrated cooling element protects your skin and keeps you comfortable, and you can see beautiful results in just a single treatment.

Benefits of Fraxel

That’s Fraxel in a nutshell. Let’s review what makes this laser system so effective and popular.

Extreme precision

Fraxel uses fractional laser technology (hence its name), treating tiny, individual “columns” of tissue instead of broad areas of skin. That technology also allows your practitioner to apply greater precision during your treatment, targeting therapy at your specific issues and concerns. 

Limited downtime

Fractional technology also reduces downtime following your treatment. Treating tiny, isolated areas of skin promotes faster healing and recovery so you can enjoy your results in less time. Many patients resume regular activities shortly after treatment, making Fraxel an option for people with busy lifestyles and numerous personal and professional commitments.

Complete customization

The Fraxel system is completely adjustable and customizable depending on each person’s skin type and concerns. That allows us to ensure your treatment focuses specifically on your goals for more effective results and higher patient satisfaction.

Multiple uses

Thanks to its fractional technology, Fraxel laser treatments are versatile and effective in treating a host of skin concerns and skin types. That includes some of the most common complexion complaints, like wrinkles, scars, skin laxity, rough texture, and dark spots (age spots or sun spots). Better still, it can address multiple issues in a single treatment session.

Find out if Fraxel is best for you

If you’re ready to enjoy healthier-looking skin (and the greater confidence it provides), Fraxel could be just what you’re looking for. To learn more about Fraxel and other treatments to rejuvenate skin, call 818-824-8629 or request an appointment online today.