I Don't Like Having Sex Anymore — Can You Help?

Dec 06, 2023
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A loss of sexual desire doesn’t just affect your sex life. It can take a toll on your emotional health and physical wellness. Here, learn about treatments that can help.

For many people, sexual health plays a big role in their lives and their physical and emotional well-being. While it’s natural to have fluctuations in your level of desire over time (and especially as we get older), sometimes those changes can dramatically affect our lives.

Sexual dysfunction is extremely common among both men and women. Of course, while knowing you’re not alone can help you feel less isolated, it doesn’t help you manage your symptoms.

At Prime Wellness in Woodland Hills, California, Jeffrey Sherman, DC, NP, helps men and women understand the cause of low sexual desire, offering treatments like hormone therapy, vaginal rejuvenation, and erectile dysfunction treatment to help them enjoy sex again. In this post, learn about these three approaches and how they can help you.

Loss of desire: Possible causes

In movies and books, sexual desire gets portrayed as something simple, natural, and filled with passion. In real life, sexual response is a highly complicated and complex process, relying on lots of factors and “moving parts.”

Because it’s so complex, sexuality is subject to lots of fluctuations over time. A change in just one factor can have a domino effect, resulting in decreased desire or even a total lack of interest in sex.

What’s more, lots of issues can affect your desire for sex and your level of enjoyment during sex. For men and especially women, changes in hormone levels often play a starring role, especially during menopause. Alcohol and drug use, age-related changes, chronic stress, relationship issues, some medications, and certain underlying medical conditions can all take a toll. The good news: We can help you find a solution that gets your life back on track.

Hormone replacement therapy

As we go through life, our hormone levels change — a lot. In fact, by age 45, about 40% of men have low testosterone. Women experience a dramatic drop in sex hormones when they approach menopause.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) uses synthetic hormones designed to be identical to the hormones your body replaces naturally. Dr. Sherman customizes every therapy to the individual patient, and regular check-ins enable him to adjust your therapy as your needs change.

Vaginal rejuvenation

As estrogen levels decline, many women experience vaginal dryness and irritation. Without treatment, that can lead to significant discomfort — even bleeding — during and after sex, which in turn makes sexual activity less appealing.

Vaginal rejuvenation uses special devices designed to apply energy impulses directly to the vaginal walls. As the energy penetrates, it promotes natural lubrication and collagen development, restoring vaginal tone and elasticity so sex is more comfortable.

Erectile dysfunction treatments

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common cause of libido problems in men. Not surprisingly, even worrying about ED can cause anxiety about having sex, leading to an overall loss of desire that can be difficult to overcome.

Today, a lot of options are available for treating ED. Dr. Sherman offers oral medications, injections, and therapies that rely on sound waves and pulse wave technology. In addition, he may recommend lifestyle changes, like medical weight loss, to help lower your risk of ED.

Custom treatment for your sexual wellness

Sexual wellness is a critically important part of overall wellness and quality of life. To learn how we can help you make intimacy pleasurable again, call 818-824-8629 or request an appointment online today.